make money online as a college student

Are you a college student looking to supplement your income to find a way how to make money online as a college student? I get it! College is expensive and the more you can pay for now the less burden you will put on your family or on your student loans when you graduate.

No More Flipping Burgers!

Many college students get jobs on and off of campus usually at fast food restaurants, waiting make money online as a college student

tables at cafe’s and bars and some even work construction and office jobs to make extra money to help pay off their tuition and to pay bills. For some, this works out great and is a viable alternative to making extra money while in college but to many “brick & mortar” jobs are inconvenient with a busy college course load many have found numerous ways to make money online as a college student. What are some of the jobs you have done as a college student? Leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I would love to hear your story!

Like I was saying for many college students frankly, flipping burgers and slinging drinks just isn’t convenient and honestly does not pay much more than minimum wage.

The Future Is Bright!

The newest trend for college students on how to make money online as a college student is to make money from their dooms on their laptops! The good news is that most college students already have the tools that it takes to make money online which is a laptop and knowing how to use it.

Beware Of Scams Aplenty!

beware of scams online

There are a ton of scams out there and I hope to steer you clear of any of those and share with you the many different ways that I know how a college student can make money online. I will say this if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! The opportunities that I will share with you are legitimate ways to make money online as a college student or anyone for that matter. Be prepared to do some work! Nothing in life is free and you never know that whatever you decide to do it may just turn into a full-time business for you! Are you ready? Let’s go!

Writing Articles

article writing

There are a ton of websites that will pay you to write various types of articles.  Some companies are legit and some are not. These are not high paying jobs but if you are a proficient typist then the money can add up quick. There are a lot of rules to follow depending on which site you choose but as long as you follow the rules you will be paid if your article is approved. The following websites are legit and are paying at the time of this article.
  1. is a great site that pays between $40-$60 for an approved article. They are strict in their requirements but they are a highly respected article house that has been in business for years.
  2. PSD Tuts + are you proficient with Adobe Photoshop? If so then you can create tutorials in either video or text versions and the Envato Market will pay you anywhere from $50-$150 for your approved tutorial!
  3. ACHS The American Center For Healthcare Sciences is looking for articles about holistic health & wellness. They require their article to be anywhere from 600-1000 words and they will pay you $50 for each approved article.
  4. Make A Living Writing “Practical Help For Hungry Writers” is what it says on her site. Carol started this site to help writers make more money writing. She pays between $75-$150 and has been paying for guest post article on her website since 2010!
  5. Sitepoint has been around 1999 and is in my humble opinion one of the top websites when it comes to web development. If you are knowledgeable about web development then this may be the perfect writing job for you. They require your article to be over 1000 words and pay a flat rate of $100. If your article receives 100,000 page views then you will receive another $250!

PTC (Paid To Click) & GPT (Get Paid To) Sites

paid to click

Although not my favorite way to make money online, joining PTC & GPT  sites are an easy way to make quick money online. There are literally thousands of websites out there that offer this service but if you stick to the ones I recommend you will be in good hands and will not get scammed. So what are PTC sites you ask? Great question! PTC sites are just that, you get paid to visit websites and to click the ads on those websites.  GPT sites are sites that pay you to do things like taking survers or fill out forms and offers and they are a great way to make money online as a college student. How it works is website owners need website visitors especially when they are new. PTC sites pay us “clickers” to visit these websites for a specified amount of time and either navigate throughout the site or to click on ads. In turn, the website owners pay the PTC sites for each click and the PTC sites, in turn, pay us per each click. It is boring and tedious work but again, it is an easy way to make quick money online. Stick with the following PTC sites and you cannot go wrong.
  1. Neobux is one of the top PTC/GPT sites. Very low per click prices but plenty of sites to click. If you can point and click and don’t get bored easily then this site is for you. You can make more money doing surveys here as well
  2. Clixsense is a GPT/Survey site that has been around for years and is one of the originators of the PTC/GPT game. They no longer offer PTC but their surveys pay pretty well and they have a ton of what are called “Offer Walls” where you get paid to fill out forms, give your email or phone number etc…
  3. ScarletClicks is another PTC/GPT site that has stood the test of time and has plenty of opportunities to make money clicking

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

blogging & affiliate marketing

Now, this is my favorite way for college students not only to make money online but to build a real business that will last forever and provide passive income with some hard work up front.

What is blogging and affiliate marketing you ask and why do they go hand in hand? Great question!

Let’s start with blogging. From Wikipedia “A blog (a truncation of the expression “weblog“)[1] is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. “ In layman’s terms, a blog is a website that is written on a certain topic with posts being made on a regular basis.

Why Blogging?

Very simply, Google and other search engines love unique, relevant content that is updated on a regular basis and if Google & the other search engines like your content they will send your blog free website traffic. When you have free traffic from search engines that are relevant to your topic this is the perfect opportunity to introduce affiliate marketing onto your blog and a way to monetize your free traffic from the search engines. Free search engine traffic is the absolute best website traffic you can get to your blog. This means that the visitor has searched for your article keywords and is interested in your article’s topic. In other words, they are likely interested in what you have to sell on your blog and that is where affiliate marketing comes in my friend! If you want to learn how to make money online as a college student then you definitely want to learn how to blog.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

<<<Yes! That is exactly what affiliate marketing is! Companies are going to pay you a commission to sell their stuff online! From Wikipedia Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.” Again, in layman’s terms, affiliate marketing is the process of selling other peoples stuff on your blog for a cut of the profits. Eazy Peezy! Well, in theory, yes and anyone can get into affiliate marketing but I would suggest proper affiliate marketing training before spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. The cool thing about affiliate marketing is that you can start your business with very little money. Basically the cost of your domain(your website’s address or URL) and hosting of which there are many different economical ways to get hosting.  Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online as a college student. To learn about the best affiliate marketing training and hosting in my humble opinion read on…

Wealthy Affiliate

If you want to make money online as a college student and beyond then my # 1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate which is an affiliate marketing training and website hosting platform created in 2005 by Kyle & Carson that teaches the proper way to make money online with affiliate marketing using WordPress blog. WordPress is the CMS or Content Management System you will be using to create your blog. WordPress was built for the search engines and Google loves WordPress websites! Inside of WA, you will learn everything you need to know about building, ranking and making money with your WordPress website. I have tried many other affiliate marketing training programs and no none comes close to what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. PERIOD! Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review that goes into more depth as to what Wealthy Affiliate is and is not.


Make Money Online As A College Student
  • Make Money Online As A College Student

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