IBOtoolbox Review

What is IBOtoolbox you ask? This is going to take a while so sit back, relax, go get your favorite beverage and I will do my best to break down what it is and I will do my best to explain all of the MANY tools that IBOtoolbox offers.

What Is IBOtoolbox?

IBOtoolbox stands for “Independent Business Owner Toolbox” and that is exactly what it is! They explain it best on their website as IBOtoolbox is a powerful combination of free in-house business marketing tools, lead generation, and the most active social network for network marketers, MLM, internet marketers, and small business owners.” I would just add that it is a collection of well developed tools geared toward the independent business owner. IBOtoolbox is free and there are absolutely no upgrades available and that is what I love about it! Everyone on the platform is on the same level forever! IBOtoolbox receives 300,000 organic visits a day! 96% of those visits are non-members looking for ways to make money online or in other words looking for what you have to offer! Think about that for a minute! Powerful huh? Yes very!

Is IBOtoolbox A Scam?

Absolutely not! I have been a member there since 2012. I believe they launched in 2011 and have grown exponentially from day one adding a host of tools that are geared toward helping the independent business owner grow their business online. If you are looking for a positive atmosphere that awards you for participating then IBOtoolbox is the perfect place for you. Come as guests, stay as friends! How is this achieved? What tools do they offer you ask? Let me start with the IBOwall.


The “wall” as IBOtizens call it is the meat & potatoes of the IBOtoolbox platform. Similar to a Facebook feed this is where everyone interacts with each other. IBOtoolbox uses PR’s or Press Releases as their main content delivery mechanism and Google LOVES them! When PR’s are posted on the IBOtoolbox thousands of other members see your PR and comment on them. Every time someone comments on a PR it goes back to the top! This adds to the fun, excitement and addictive nature of the platform and keeps it fresh!


IBOsocial is your virtual business card on IBOtoolbox that you can design any way you want. Here is where you will have any and all of your business opportunities or affiliate products that you are promoting. All of your PR’s and wall posts will show here also. This is your page to do with what you want! It is a great tool for attracting new people to your offers. Also on your wall are all of your statistics in the image to the right. The traffic that you will receive on your wall is highly targeted organic search traffic. This traffic converts well if you participate in the platform. Participation is key! I cannot stress that enough. You never know when one of those 96% of organic search visitors are looking for what you have to offer!


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