How To Start Making Money Online

how to start making money onlineSo, you are searching the internet trying to figure out how to start making money online right? I get it and I have been exactly where you are at! The internet is huge and can be quite intimidating when looking for ways to start making money online so how are we going to start making money online you ask? Great question and the keyword here is to “start” if you don’t start trying to make money online you will never make money online it’s as simple as that. Failure is not an option but failure is the stepping stone to success and what I hope to show you is how to keep your failures to a minimum and to shorten the time it takes to become successful.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

blogging & affiliate marketing

Blogging combined with affiliate marketing are in my opinion, the best ways to start making money online. Anyone can start a blog with very little to no money! If you want to cut to the chase and get started blogging for free go here now, otherwise read on to learn more about blogging and affiliate marketing.

So your next question I am sure you are thinking is “why blogging and why affiliate marketing” and again, blogging and affiliate marketing are the viable option because of the low entry point of starting a blog and monetizing it with affiliate marketing. In order to sell something online you need to get a product out there (affiliate marketing) and Google and the other search engines love blogs that deliver relevant content that pertains to a subject that people are searching for. In order to start any business online or a blog you are going to need a few things:

  1. A domain name
  2. Website hosting

A domain name is your virtual real estate. Every blog starts with a great domain name and the best place to get the domain name that gives you the best value for your money is going to be Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteDomains and website builder. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter Membership and get two free Site Rubix website’s and domains for free. It is a great way to get your feet wet and to see if blogging is for you. You have nothing to lose and if you think blogging is something you enjoy doing then you can continue with your free membership or you can up your game and get the Premium Membership that will take you and your business to the next level. This is exactly what I did and I am so glad I did and I have not looked back since. Wealthy Affiliate Domains cost anywhere from $13.99 to $15.99 and that may sound higher than some of their competitors but with when you purchase a domain through Wealthy Affiliate you get Free Privacy and Free SSL Certificate both of these are additional charges at other domain registrars. Some of the benefits od Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteDomains platform are as follows:

  • Free & full access to emails
  • Full Privacy & domain protection
  • Absolutely no upsells and the price of your domain does not go up every year like other registrars.
  • Free SSL Certificate. This is HUGE! Google is devaluing sites that do not have SSL. You must have an SSL certificate attached to your domain. To learn more about SSL Certificates please visit this from a member of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Here is Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix free SiteDomains Widget. Go ahead and play with it it’s a blast!

The Free Starter Membership gave me all the tools I needed to be successful online and it allowed me the time to learn blogging and affiliate marketing and to see if that was something that I would enjoy doing. I always recommend at the very least to sign up for the Free Starter Membership. You will be as amazed as I was at what you will get for free from Wealthy Affiliate.

website hosting

Now, website hosting is the second thing that you must have to start making money online. Again, Wealthy Affiliate is my choice for hosting services and with the Free Starter Membership just like the two free domains you will get hosting for free for two sites as well. With their Premium Membership, you get can build 50 websites on one account, 25 with the free SiteRubix domain and 25 on your own domain. Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is what is called “Managed WordPress Hosting”, so what does that mean? Managed WordPress hosting It’s just that. Wealthy Affiliate utilizes only WordPress and their CMS (content management system)manages the servers and monitors your website around the clock giving you peace of mind so you can dedicate all of your time to build your business and not have to worry about hosting issues that are so common with other hosts. There are a ton of benefits that come with Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting. Below are just as few off the top of my head.
  • Wealthy Affiliate monitors your website 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • There is layer of security set up on your websites that scans for hundreds of potentially critical issues. This technology will then automatically fix these issues leaving your website safe, secure and with minimal downtime.
  • Support: Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteSupport is unsurpassed by any hosting company in the industry! With a less than 5 minute response time, they are there for you 24/7/365 days a year. Even at 3 am! No problem is too big for SiteSupport.
  • Industry-leading virus and malware protection. With Wealthy Affiliate’s Managed Hosting you can be sure you are protected by their SiteProtect Platform.
  • With Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership hosting you are getting comparable hosting to companies that charge upwards of $250-$300 a month with the only exception being that the Wealthy Affiliate servers are much faster.

Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Hosting

No matter how you decide to start making money online you will need a domain name and hosting. I have been with a number of the popular domain name registrars like & and though they are fine they do not offer near as much value as Wealthy Affiliate does. See the comparison chart below to see what Wealthy Affiliate offers compared to other managed WordPress hosting companies. There is NO comparison!

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

I am sure you can feel my exuberance for Wealthy Affiliate by now and I know I got a little off track from my main point of how to start making money online but what I shared is quite relevant  to making money online, in fact, I am so sure that Wealthy Affiliate is the best way for anyone that is new to building a business online can fast-track their success by following the training that the Wealthy Affiliate founders Kyle and Carson have masterfully laid out for us. I have not covered even half of the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate offers. I did not even mention their free keyword tool Jaaxy that in my opinion is the best keyword/niche research tool available! PERIOD! Jaaxy is free with the premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Go ahead and check it out with some free searches with the Jaaxy widget.


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