Hi, my name is Chris Caldon and welcome to my website! It is my honor that you are taking the time to stop by! I am a full-time husband and dad and a part-time internet marketer. I enjoy traveling, golfing, surfing, woodworking and I love building WordPress websites and learning everything I can to make money working from home online with affiliate marketing and I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with others!


 My Story

I have been involved with affiliate marketing in one-way shape or form since late 2011. In mid-2011 I found myself at a crossroad in my life when I couldn’t imagine my life anymore with drugs and alcohol and at the same time, I could not imagine my life without them. I woke up on the morning of August 2 of 2011 and could not stand the man that I had become. I hated the man in the mirror so on that day I made a decision to get help and I have been clean & sober ever since. This is the last we will talk of this but I thought it important to share this as recovery is a huge part of my life and that if I can do it ANYONE can!

What sobriety afforded me was more free time on my hands. Instead of out there ripping and roaring I found myself at home when not at work, surfing the web and binging on Netflix! Funny, my wife and I still love binging on Netflix!

I’m Gonna Be Rich!

One day while surfing the internet I came across something online about working from home. We will call this  my “shiny object” period. It said something like “Broke dad makes $11,999.09 in three days with a laptop and an internet connection! If you can Copy & Paste, have a computer and an internet connection and 20 minutes a day then for $37.97 you too can replicate his success! GUARANTEED!” THAT sounded GREAT! Guaranteed it said! I had a laptop and an internet connection and I could copy & paste and I had way more than 20 minutes a day so I was for sure going to be RICH! Wait! What? You’ve seen that one too? Yep, shiny objects! They are everywhere online!


The “Shiny Object Syndrome”

Well, I would love to say that was my story but  it was not! For the next couple years I jumped from one shiny object to another shiny object! I was always after the “easier, softer way” of doing things. I was a sucker for wiz bang software apps that would “drive thousands of targeted buyers to my offers” I bought them all! None of them worked. I never built relationships with anyone. Instead of building a proper email list I would use black hat methods to weasel my way into peoples inboxes.





Automating Insanity! A Cautionary Tale

Along the way fortunately I learned how  to build WordPress websites and I leaned to code a number of software applications which somehow led to me coding spam bots that would scrape the internet for emails and then I would create another bot to send affiliate offers to those scraped emails. I would use automated software to build thousands of spam back links to my sites thinking that would rank them. It rarely did! I had every automation software out there! Automated content creators, content spinners, automated captcha solvers, automated back-link builders, classified ad posters,private proxies, vpn’s etc…you get the idea. I figured if I threw enough money at my business I wouldn’t have to do any work! Again, I was always after the “easier softer way”. Yet again, none of that stuff worked for building a lasting and legitimate business online. I was a mess I tell ya!



At A Turning Point

So now I was at another turning point in my life. I was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Do you know what that is my friend? The exact definition of INSANITY and again I could not stand the man/affiliate marketer I had become so I decided to try a different approach. You see I knew how real affiliate and home-based businesses were being built. The people that were making consistent money online were building relationships, offering help and providing solutions to any number of problems & situations. It was time to try something different and that is exactly what I did and I a have not looked back since!



Out Of The Dark & Into The Light

I decided to get out of the dark and into the light and since I have done that my business has flourished! What I have learned these past few years is that this IS the easier softer way! I sleep better at night knowing that I may have helped just one person to make their first affiliate commission.

Today I have retired the spam bots in place of original engaging content that helps the internet and not hurt it. Now I love building WordPress websites and I am a huge fan of the Amazon Affiliate program as well as a choice few other affiliate programs. Am I an internet millionaire? Far from it but I am doing something right because I am consistently bringing in commissions from various affiliate programs. That was not the case in my “previous life”! Today I am proud of the affiliate marketer I have become and I can look in the mirror without shame today!

If I Can Do It, ANYONE Can!

I know for many of you this will be your first foray into affiliate marketing, working from home and internet  marketing. Why not learn from my mistakes? Today I have found the proper way to make money online! A legitimate and honest way to make a difference in peoples lives. Stop chasing shiny objects and join me on the easier softer side!  I will share with you all of the tools that I use to learn how to build a WordPress website, create captivating content and learn the proper way to rank your website in any search engine! Don’t be scared! You can do this! I promise you this IS the easier softer way!  I wish I had learned early on the proper way to build an internet business but I can’t regret the past. Honestly, I really did learn a lot along the way and I feel like I have positioned myself nicely and am able to help others achieve the same!

The Goal Of My Website And My Hope For You

I hope this website becomes a resource for anyone looking to do something different and learn the proper way to make a real living online.  I want to educate you in avoiding the many scams that are praying on us 24/7/365 online! It is my hope that I can show you how to avoid your “shiny object” period and learn how to build a legitimate and lasting online business and that one day you can help others do the same!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Chris Caldon

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